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Blown In

Andrew Cass from Rochester Assembly in Rochester, MN brings us these paper columns peeking through their arches.

Andrew needed a cheap and quick remedy for a design on their stage. So he crumpled some paper and stapled it to the back wall behind the pillars.

You can find the “48” x 200′ dual surface paper roll” at

This design cost approximately $36 because they had the LED lights already.






photo copy.JPG


Tightly Palleted Art Decor

3 responses to “Blown In”

  1. Brandon Cook says:

    I love the creativity. The amount of negative space you were able to fill for $36 is amazing!

  2. Brian Cogswell says:

    What color paper did you use? It almost looks beige but I don’t see that color on the site.

  3. andrew cass says:

    Brandon thanks for the comment and Brian i purchased two colors but i only used the orange for the pictures that you see. the blue is for future use.

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