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Tightly Palleted

Jeff Bromer from Fuel Students of Restoration Church in Roswell, GA brings us this tight space filled with pallets. (Might work well for a small alcove elsewhere in your church too.)

They had a small alcove of a stage for their student ministry. To make it more than just a random space, they stacked pallets together to frame the space and make it seem more intentional.



Projection Bleed Blown In

5 responses to “Tightly Palleted”

  1. Brandon Cook says:

    I like it … Good work!

  2. Rich Aguilar says:

    That font for the logo on the screen is nice…

  3. Jeff Bromer says:

    Thank you.

  4. Travis Howard says:

    Love it! We are definitely going to use some of these ideas. I have some questions. What’s the stage made of? What kind of flooring is on top of the stage? and Is that a projector screen or a tv? If it’s a projector screen, what materials is it made of? Thanks! Sorry for all the questions just wanted to figure out how you got it as awesome as it is!

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