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Bomb Heist

Mike Gerrells from Mission Hills in Littleton, CO brings us this themed stage design.

Series was called Identity Theft with the scripture base from Ephesians 1-3. The design was based on the idea: Where do you find your identity and who do you find your identity in? They used a combination of 24″ and 12″ white boxes to build the walls and foam 1/2″ letters to make the sign in the center. The floating boxes were strung up with 40 pound fishing line and tied to the lighting grid.

When building the wall, it’s important to use a speed square on the first row to make sure the boxes are at 90 degrees so the next layer will line up right. Also if you can put some weight in the bottom layer of boxes, it will help as you stack the layers of boxes on top of it.

Lighting is a combination of LED pars and spots.

The boxes and packing tape came from Uline.











Strips and Dots Trees Aglow

One response to “Bomb Heist”

  1. Steven Hall says:


    This looks amazing! Great work! Way to think inside the box!


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