Stage Designs


Tony Ziolko from New Community Christian Church in Salina, Kansas brings us this design themed from the John Mark McMillian song Borderland.

The idea of life in Christ which is represented on the nice porch and life separated from Christ in the world represented with the alley. The theme of the series was To Live On the Porch, Work in the Alley.

The graphic was designed by their Associate Pastor Chris Pahls and stage design was Associate Pastor Tony Ziolko.
The side of the porch used plywood painted white ($30 from Lowes) and then screwed into the stage. They purchased white porch railing from a regional home improvement store—3 posts and 2 rail kits ($200). The grass that was represented by the turf was a lucky shot. The local high school was replacing their football field turf at the same time and they were able to get it for free. The chain link fence—they bought 2 gates ($80). The gates were intentional because they wanted to separate the world from Christ but wanted to make a symbol that wasn’t just a fence, but a fence gate. Because if you are on the porch, you are called back to the alley. For the alley side, all free. Tony asked people in the church for “junk” to make it all happen.




Front Porch Grids and Lines

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