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Styro Stage

Allen Dunn from First City Church in Pensacola, Florida brings us this styrofoam design.

Inspired by the MultiDish. They used foam plates and bowls from the Dollar Store to construct a hanging curtain for each side of the projection screen.

Low Temp hot melt held the plates together. Each 18 foot tall, 8 foot wide bowl and plate curtain was assembled in stages.

First, a jig frame was made to hold a small section in place while hot melt was dropped on each joint. Without the frame, the plates kept jumping out of position. After cooling, the reverse side was also glued at every joint. In the end, the entire weight of the curtain was supported by the hot melt alone.

The small sections were aligned on the floor and hot glued to make 18 foot long strips which were then attached side by side until 8 feet wide.

The “curtains” were sturdy. Each was carried near the stage and the top edge stapled to a 2×2. Cardboard was used to keep the staple from tearing through. Fishing line was sandwiched between a piece of cardboard and plates on the bottom row to be used to attach to another 2×2 on the floor after the curtains were raised into position.

The curtains were carefully attached to the lowered batten with the top 2×2. Then they raised the batten and it stayed together.

Lighting was above and below with Chauvet SlimPAR QUAD 3 IRC’s and SlimPAR 56’s

The light boxes from the Laser Beams design were fitted with new front faces made of Laun. Evenly spaced 4 inch holes were cut with a hole saw.

Each box was lit with a Sinuote 40W 252 LED 10mm RGB DMX Wall Light DJ Bar.


  • 9 in foam plates 180 @ $1 per 30 $6
  • 12 oz foam bowls 180 @ $1 per 30 $6
  • 2×2 4x $2.00 = $8
  • Low temp hot melt guns and sticks $40
  • Luan 2x $10
  • Flat black paint $12

They already had the lights.

Dunn-Plates-and-Bowls-1 Dunn-Plates-and-Bowls-2 Dunn-Plates-and-Bowls-3 Dunn-Plates-and-Bowls-4 Dunn-Plates-and-Bowls-5 Dunn-Plates-and-Bowls-6 Dunn-Plates-and-Bowls-7 Dunn-Plates-and-Bowls-8 Dunn-Plates-and-Bowls-9

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