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Laser Beams

Allen Dunn from First City Church in Pensacola, Florida brings us these starbursts created two different ways.

Their stage presents several challenges: It is very shallow, the projection screen is subject to light spilling onto it and the baptistry behind the screen must be able to be made visible.

They were pleased to incorporate the Rays up Rays Down design for the sides.

To add dimension without interfering with the musicians, the apex of the downward pointing triangles were attached to the top of the stage door frames. Anticipating the vinyl ribbon becoming slack with time, they used Adjustable Cable Clips there.

They modified the Pixel Dots design to provide an element under the screen. They made three 48” x 48” boxes out of 2x8s for the bottoms, 1x8s for the sides and tops and luan for the fronts and backs. The insides were painted white and the outsides flat black.

The front cutouts mimicked the ribbon design. To keep structural integrity, they avoided cutting down to the apices. They intend to reuse the light boxes many times. It will be easy to replace the front panels with other designs.

After the first Sunday use, they added 16” tall support platforms to give little more height without blocking the view of the baptistry.

The ribbon was lit by Chauvet SlimPAR QUAD 3 IRC’s 4 at each base and 2 at each top and Chauvet DJ SlimPAR 56’s 2 at each top.

Each box was lit with a Sinuote 40W 252 LED 10mm RGB DMX Wall Light DJ Bar.

They use QLC+ for DMX light control.

The ribbon was 4 rolls of White flagging tape—1 3/16 inch by 300 yards.

Because they had the lights, the total expense was about $250.











Rope and Rope Forward Motion

One response to “Laser Beams”

  1. Daniel Prince says:

    Love this design!

    How are the Sinuote Lights working for you? Would you recommend?
    Also, what kind of lights are the small 3-LED’s pictured?

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