Stage Designs

Pixel Dots

Jack Koski from Chandler Christian Church in Chandler, AZ brings us this simulated pixel map wall.

For this set, they expanded on the classic LED light box. They normally have a fully lit cyc wall. This time, Jack wanted to create something that could fill the entire backstage, but also leave negative space to place truss with blinders and movers on the backline. They used 1×8 boards to make a 4’x8′ wood frame, then attached a full sheet of white Coroplast to the back. Inside the frame, they used two American DJ LED bars, one on top and one on the bottom.

The lights are divided into three cells, so they have control over six (almost, there is overlap) sections in the panel. The front is a sheet of black Coroplast. They ordered the black sheet pre-cut with 120 holes in the front, which was designed in Google Sketchup. Out in the open, the LED bars don’t give a very even wash, but when the wash on white was seen through the holes, each circle individually looks even to the eye. This gave them an almost pixel mapped effect, but much more affordable than actual, pixel-mapped fixtures.

They made eight panels total, but ended up cutting one and using seven and a half. Budget for this project was about $1500 for lumber and Coroplast. Getting the Coroplast precut with holes drove up the cost a bit. They tested different ways to bore 4″ circles, and it was extremely difficult to work with. It may be able to be done with plywood or cardboard, although with cardboard the cuts won’t be as clean. They wanted perfect circles.

Here’s some videos of the panels in action.







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