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Humberto Renovato from Fuente De Aguas Vivas Family Worship Center in Uvalde, TX brings us this design for their youth conference called “Fan the Flame”.

They were inspired by Grace Community Church’s “Fanned Out” stage design.

They began by cutting 4×8 sheets of foam board that they found at a local hardware store. These cost about $6 each. They used 10 total. They used a table saw and began cutting them into 4″ strips. After cutting them all, they began by designing the first “fan”. As they began to design, they decided to do 3 layers making it like a 3D image. They used small sheet rock screws of 1″ to screw the first layer to the wall. They also cut a 1/2″ piece of plywood into an “arch” shape and set the next layer on that.

After the first came out, they began to design the left side of the stage. They couldn’t figure out how to make a 3D image without damaging the wall too much. They randomly found some metal frames that they had in storage and began cutting them making an “arch” shape. They put the first layer of 4″ strips onto the wall. Then they made the other layer on the floor and then set it up in front of the wall.

The right side of the wall just randomly came out uneven and they liked it and left it like that. They decided not to do a 3D-like set on that side. They just wanted something abstract. At the end of everything, they lit everything up using PAR64 LED’s, some Colorpallets, and LED bars. They put lights in between the layers and went with different colors for each layer.

Total cost of design was less than $100.

Cutting the foam can get a little messy, so make sure you have a great clean up crew.










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