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Word Lights

Andrew Leslie from Cambridge Community Church in Cambridge, UK brings us this stage design incorporating different lighting elements.

The design was for Cambridge Community Church’s yearly Ascend Mens’ Conference.

The conference’s theme this year was ‘Cracking the Code’ so Andrew decided to keep the design simple. Without haze, eye candy and lots of color were needed to keep the shots interesting throughout the day. So he decided to base his design around 4 central pillars, each with either 3 or 4 Led Pars and 4 Chromlech Elidy-S Panels. The Elidy, gave him lots of scope for different looks and with the added bonus of being able to pixel map them, he was able make multiple effective Lighting States throughout the day. And the LED pars gave him really nice colors and backlight to his design, which gave the small stage a lot of depth.

He kept lots of color in his looks throughout the day and didn’t always use every fixture in each song to avoid repetition.

All the cabling was loomed and all fixtures where addressed in the warehouse of the hire company the day before, meaning when the kit arrived at the venue it only took Andrew an hour to set it all up and test it by himself.

Photo Credit to Phil Hearing | // C3 Media Team

LD: Andrew Leslie

Equipment Supplied by Siyan Ltd.

Equipment Included:
14 x Chauvet ColorDash Tri
16 x Chromlech Elidy-S Panels
4 x Source 4 Zoom
4 x Par 64 Floor Cans
12 x Showtec 9Q6 Tours
2 x Studio Due CS4’s
4 x 4 Cell Pixel Bars4 x Showtec 575 Explorer Spots1 x Arkaos MediaMaster Pro 3 Server

Media Content: Mostly Church Motion Graphics
Control: ChamSys MQ60 and 2 Extra Playback Wings






Spiked Grid Butterfly

One response to “Word Lights”

  1. You can also check out some video highlights here:

    I forgot to send the link to be included in the original post!

    Lighting Design by me (DH Lighting Design)

    If you have any questions or need any help just drop me an email, I love answering questions and helping people make things look awesome!

    Cheers for putting this up Jonathan!

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