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Godwin Cassar from Youth Fellowship in Malta brings us this unique architectural stage design.

The concept revolved around the idea of fixing timber slits while removing the ceiling soffit tile panels and replacing it with an object which is semi-transparent. The flooring was stripped from parquet and new wooden sheets were fixed and painted using dark grey paint and liquid membrane so as to make it glossier and, more important, easy to clean. The timber slits, which were running both vertically and horizontally, were painted semi-gloss white in order to achieve a better effect while projecting lights onto the stage. The horizontal slits were designed to be fixed at different levels at the top most part.

The stage allowed for backdrops to change. In this case a polystyrene ‘Exodus’ was hung, where the edges of each letter where painted with UV paint and front-lit using UV lighting.

The whole stage was front and back lit using RGB and AW PAR LED lighting.

They also had designed the cross, using cool white neon tubes.

Around 35 people were part of the project which took around 2 weeks. Total cost amounted to around 900 Euro.




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One response to “Striated”

  1. Kent Coleman says:

    Ok, the UV paint happens to be the coolest thing I have seen in a while. I like how it looks with the UV light on but the LED’s off to be the outline glow on the rear sign. Great looking modern stage elements. Excellent Job Godwin and team!

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