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Towering Lights

Cory Knuth from Zion Church in Troy, MI brings us these tall towers of blinders.

A friend of Cory’s that works in pro A/V suggested these simple Bayco work lights as a fixture to use in a design, along will “silver bowl” light bulbs. Cory then simply zip tied them to their existing trussing as well as six free standing vertical pipes he had previously made. (They were 1 inch threaded pipe screwed into a flange attached to plywood.)

Then he wired each column of lights into one approx.1000-watt dimmer channel as well as placed some Opti Tri 30 LEDs along the ground. These lights were used in addition to their existing truss-mounted LEDs and Elation DesignSpots.






Bechalked Boxed Project

2 responses to “Towering Lights”

  1. stephen numuor says:

    I really like your works and will like to learn more from you.

  2. Owen Camden says:

    This definitely looks like a great light set up for a concert. It is amazing how much of a difference good lighting can make for a show. Proper lighting can allow everyone to be able to see the performers well. It seems like being able to get the lighting just right would be really hard.

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