Easter Designs

Winding Thorns

Mrs. Lynn Colvin from Christian Fellowship Church in Harlingen, Texas brings us this super clean look for Easter.

This Easter stage design was inspired by an earlier post, Surrounded By Thorns. For their Easter set decor they wanted to celebrate “life from death” by evolving the thorns into flowers.

They began by building a box on which to mount the cross and then cutting holes in the box the same diameter as the noodles. They used those holes to anchor the noodles and then began winding them up the cross.

All the pool noodles were spray painted dark brown before they were wound into the design to simplify the painting process later.

They used the technique described in the earlier post for shaping the pool noodles into the vines. Thorns were shaped from the pool noodles using a serrated knife and heat gun. Once they had the main vines going up the cross they filled out the bottom with smaller diameter pool noodles. Foam insulation wrap (available at building supply stores) was used for the smallest vines.

Several long screws were used to anchor the vines up the cross and to anchor vines to the box at the base. The bottom edges of the thorns were cut on a curve so that they fit flush against the vines. They were applied with a regular glue gun.

The flowers were made from white craft foam sheets (available at Michaels). They used the larger rolls of the craft foam (also at Michaels) for the three largest flowers. They were shaped with a heat gun and then painted.

The expenses on this project were fairly low for the impact. They already had the cross itself in storage so most of the money was spent on pool noodles (maybe 20-30), spray paint, minimal lumber for the box and hardware. The major expenditure was time.











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