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Power Lines

Alex Roscoe from Epic Life Church in Winter Park, FL brings us this cool LED tube design.

They purchased LED tube lights from an online startup company (LightPixel Designs) that they made to sizes they needed for the design. They used 3M Command Strips to tack them to the wall using a cardboard template they made for spacing to get the 45 degree angles. Then they just staggered the tubes to produce some variation.

The LED tubes were made with a cat5 cable attached on the end of them to make hooking them up easy cause there was no crimping or soldering. They used standard cat5 cables to connect to the tubes to the controller boxes which also came from this online company.

The overall budget for the design was $2000, but the company that provided the LEDs was very willing to work with them on the pricing.





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  1. Ezequiel Naveros says:

    It looks great!

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