Stage Designs

Stained Glass Everywhere!

Philip Meadows from Church At The Crossing in Aledo, TX brings us this cool faux stained glass set.

From Philip: I wanted to do something different this year for Easter. We have had a lot of brown colors on our stage for the last couple of years and this year I wanted to have lots of color.

I built these stained glass panels to run across our whole stage. Each large stained glass panel is 14′ tall and the smaller ones are 12′ tall. They are constructed from 2×4’s, clear vinyl fabric, electrical tape and colored cellophane. It was a lot of work but the payoff at the end was worth it!

I sketched out the design onto two pieces of vinyl one for the large panel and one for the small panel and used those as templates to draw all of the designs. We then laid out the vinyl on the floor and used the electrical tape to tape off our design. After we taped the design onto each piece of vinyl we stretched the vinyl onto the wood and used a staple gun to hold them on to the back. We then cut and taped the colored cellophane onto the back of each panel. I attached the small panels to the larger panels with door hinges I ordered on Amazon.

It costs us around $900 to do everything, the vinyl fabric was definitely the bulk of the price.

Lumber: $225
Vinyl Fabric: $400
Colored Cellophane: $110
Screws: $35
Spray Paint: $50
Hinges: $30
Electrical Tape: $40

Circle Screen Waveform