Special Event Design

Stained Glass

Todd Reed brings us this liturgical stage design incorporating home-made stained glass windows.

Todd started out with pink insulation foam from Home Depot and drew a pattern resembling an abstract stained glass window.

He created 5 windows (2 – 8′, 2-12′, 1 – 16′) and used an exacto blade to cut out each shape. After cutting out all 525 pieces he used gloss black paint to paint in all the frames and the front of the window. After letting them all dry, he hot glued crushed white voille fabric onto the back of the foam. then I took watered down paint, and painted in each of the panels from the back. When lit from the back with LED it looked like stained glass. The set cost $200 to make.

Crinkled to Smooth Most Popular - April 2011