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Crinkled to Smooth

Dan Olsen at Prairie Lakes Church in Cedar Falls, IA brings us this stage design modified for each of their venues.

To create a transition between death and life, they made one side of the stage rugged and rough…and the other side smooth and soft.

For the left side of the stage they used metal screen material and scrunched it up. Then they put gaff tape across the top to let them hang it from the truss. The right side of the stage is just white fabric hung with some fullness to add shadows and depth.

For their portable campuses they attached the screen and fabric to a board that they could easily clamp or safety pin onto their pipe and drape.

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10 responses to “Crinkled to Smooth”

  1. awake creativity says:

    nasty good!!!

  2. awake creativity says:

    where did you get the scruntchy metal?

  3. Tim Sherwood says:

    We used aluminum window screen. I purchased them from this location was the cheapest at the time…. our rolls were 5' wide. We cut them to length and simply crumpled it all up to give it the appearance of rock.

  4. Gerson Ramirez says:

    how did it stay crumpled did you staple it and did you use black , aluminum or charcoal color ?.

  5. Tim Sherwood says:

    We actually used the aluminum color, it takes the color from our lights much better than black or charcoal would and looks great even with white light. Once the crumpling is done ( and you can get pretty crazy with the the crumpling will not hurt a thing ) they will hold there shape really well. Ours are actually weighted on the bottom with a sand bag to hold them in place.

  6. Luis says:

    I would like to know how much did that project cost you?

  7. Tim Sherwood says:

    At the time we purchased the screen it was just over 600.00 after shipping for the three 5'x100' rolls. This was enough to take care of all 3 of our campuses with some extra left over. I have a link to the business I purchased it from a couple posts above this one.

  8. Dave Homer says:

    We are starting to use screen ourselves and love the way it looks. What are you using to light them?

  9. Tim Sherwood says:

    Our main campus is using Martin Mac 600's. Our multi sites are using ETC Seladors and Elation Opti Tri Pars

  10. Marty Cansler says:

    Great job. Looks great. We would like to do the screens/rocks in our new youth center. How are you lighting the screens/rocks? From the top or bottom and are your lights on the inside or the outside?

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