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Earlier in 2009 we did a series on worship called “That Thing You Do”. Our series graphics looked a lot like the poster for the movie, and I wanted to mirror that look on the stage. However, it was a short series, and I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on stage props. So I found a cheap way to make light boxes that would also be cool during the music. Check out the video and then I’ll tell you how I made them.

To make these boxes, I used 24″ stretcher bars to make 2 foot tall/wide squares. I then put three of those together to make the front and two sides of the box. I painted each square black then stretched two layers of white spandex inside of each square and stapled the fabric down. Then for the light inside, I used LED Panels that we already had. For the top and bottom of the boxes, I used some black foam board that I cut to size, then stapled down. I left the backs open since the backs would never be seen by the audience.

And there you have it, light boxes for cheap. :)

Note: You can see through the fabric pretty easily…so you might want to find a way to diffuse the light a bit more. As you can see from the video, the LED bulbs can be seen through the fabric.

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  1. We actually used vinyl decals and attached them to the spandex too. Didn't work so well though, so we ended up using pushpins to keep them stuck to the spandex. I wasn't really aware of natural coroplast back then so I didn't even know that was an option.

  2. how much did it cost per box

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