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Paper Lanterns

One of my favorite new stage design elements is paper lanterns. They are so inexpensive yet so cool…plus you can get them in pretty large sizes which work well for stages. We’ve started using them at the Summit Church to light the room, but here are some examples of paper lanterns used for stage designs:

Check out Stephen Lechner‘s stage design using paper lanterns.

Or if you have the money and want a more “professional” solution, check out the ChromaSpheres.

The best place I’ve found to order these paper lanterns is from They have a lot of different types and sizes to choose from at very affordable prices.

Here’s a photo of how we used paper lanterns to replace old chandeliers we had in our building. We use 4 energy saver 150 watt bulbs in each fixture to provide tons of light to the room. The paper lanterns are two sizes: 30″ and 24″ Irregular Ribbed Paper Lanterns.

My goal is to turn them off during the worship and point colored pinspots on them to provide a nice ambient glow.

4th Grade Christmas Light Boxes

3 responses to “Paper Lanterns”

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  2. Mallory Gibson says:

    When you were rigging, what sort of knot did you use to ensure safety?

  3. Joey says:

    What were the three sizes of lanterns and how many of each were used in your design in the video above.

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