Stage Designs

Drat! Foiled Again

This simple and extremely inexpensive stage design was submitted to us by Keith Bell. Using simple elements you can pick up at your local Lowe’s or Home Depot he created a great stage for a series on Carterville Christian Church‘s vision.

The side screens were constructed out of two (per screen) 4’x8′ sheets of white marker board ($20 per marker board). The reflective surface causes some glare, but you could cover the marker boards with white fabric to reduce that.

The diamonds in the back are sheets of plywood cut in half, wrapped with crinkled tin foil, and front-lit by par cans.

The drum riser is constructed of wood and covered by 2’x4′ plastic fluorescent light covers ($4 each).

Finally, the eye chart above the stage was created with a fun little program called the Rasterbator. An image of an eye chart was “rasterbated” then the outputted papers were glued to a piece of cardboard.

Bonus: To split their video signal to three screens, Carterville runs an iMac through a TripleHead2Go box made by Matrox. The VGA signal gets split by that device then goes to 3 Sharp projectors that they bought from Sam’s Club.

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