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Bowl Blocks

Neal Prange from GatheringPoint Church in Bourbonnais,IL brings us this

They used Foam Bowling as a starting point. They used 4’x8′ sheets of Coroplast painted black (bought from Fast Signs, the owner is a member of their church) and they purchased Styrofoam bowls from Wayfair. (Their cafe uses the same bowls for serving.)

They built a template grid to fit 9 bowls at a time with 2″ spacing both horizontal and vertical around each bowl. Neal built the grid out of some left over poster board they had. Then they rallied the troops and had a BYOHGG (Bring Your Own Hot Glue Gun) Party and hot glued all the bowls to the Coroplast using the template grid. It took 8 volunteers and Neal about an hour, maybe an hour and a half, from start to finish. Neal hung them by putting large paper clips through the Coroplast and using fishing line to hang to suspended ceiling clips (easily available at Lowes.) He started with the middle one and did a side to get spacing and height where he liked for the other 2 panels to work with their low ceilings and limited lighting points. Then he replicated the other side to match.

They were using Blizzard Lighting The Puck V12 fixtures, one on top and one on the bottom to get the gradient effect.






Wrinkles and Ruffles Family Squares

10 responses to “Bowl Blocks”

  1. Carolina Tejada says:

    This is amazing. Never thought you could design with foam cups. God Bless.

  2. Lemosh says:

    Lovely design, where did you put the lights.?

  3. Daphney Dauphin says:

    Can we use any foam bowl to do this or does it have to be the 120z Dart solo bowls found on the Wayfair website. Will the 12 oz white laminated foam bowls work as well? Here is a picture of the bowls I’m referring too:

    I found the same bowls at Walmart but they were 8oz. Will these bowls still work?

    • Neal says:

      We used the 12oz bowls because it was what we already had. the shape of the soup style bowl reflected the light nicely.

  4. Daphney Dauphin says:

    What kind of ceiling clips did you use? Pinch Clip, Clip Gridlock, magnetic hook ceiling clip, ceiling grid hooks, grid ceiling clips, etc?

    What kind of fishing lines would you recommend using to suspend the choroplast from the ceiling?

  5. Meeky says:

    What other stage lighting did you use?can I get the estimated cost of everything including the stage lights?

  6. Talisha says:

    we have a smaller sanctuary. is it visibly noticeable that the stage design is made of bowls, or does it depend on the distances from the seats?

  7. Vickie says:

    Our sanctuary is not as deep as it appears your is. What do the panels look like up front with the lights on? It definitely looks awesome with lights out.

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