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Box Logos

Steve Ray from First Baptist Church in Magnolia, TX brings us this cool use of cardboard boxes for a logo look.

They built a support out of galvanized pipe at the back of the platform to hang the boxes and letters from. It esd part of a system of flanges and pipes of different sizes that will allow them flexibility to hang different backdrops in the future.

Then Steve bought varying sizes of seven, plain, brown boxes (large enough to fill the space in our auditorium). He made a transparency of each of the letters in “Empty Promises” so that it would fit the size needed for each box. The white letters hanging below were all made a little smaller than the smallest letter on one of the boxes. He used the transparencies and an overhead projector to project the image of each letter on the black and white sheets of foam core board that he bought at Hobby Lobby.

Once he had all the letters traced onto the right color of foam core board, he took an X-acto knife and cut out each letter so that it would have a clean edge. Then the black letters were glued to the front of five of the boxes. After each of the boxes were opened and taped to look like usable boxes (some were left open at the top and bottom to portray the concept of emptiness), he poked holes in the tops of each of them. He then ran fishing line through the hole and tied it around a large nail, on the inside of the box, so that the fishing line would not rip through the box. He also poked holes into the bottom of the boxes that he needed to suspend letters from to create the word “Promises”.

He then tied one end of the fishing line to a nail and poked it up into the bottom of the box and then taped over the nail with the same packing tape he used to create the boxes so the nails wouldn’t fall out. They were able to use the two fishing lines in the top of each of the boxes to tie them to the support they had created to hang the boxes from at the back of the stage. Once all the boxes were spaced and hung like they wanted them, they taped the white letters to the fishing line pieces attached to the bottom of each of the boxes. Steve then took a secondary piece of fishing line and attached it to each letter and to another place on the underside of the boxes to keep the bottom letters from spinning.







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  1. Engela says:

    Wonderful. Thank you for sharing.

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