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Boxed In

Joel Tyson from Citypoint Church in Denver, Colorado brings us this boxy stage design.

From Joel: We took elements from a few designs we found on this site and tweaked it to work with our space and resources.

I really liked the look of the lite up box designs but struggled to keep it contained and stable. Fortunately we have some 10×10 box trussing that we used to create a 30×9 structure that would help this free standing structure be stable as well as give it a clean edge.

Inside that structure we set up 8 rows of 24×12 inch white boxes. Each row is 20 boxes wide. I used one of the wood flooring lines to make sure my wall was straight and consistent and built it from the ground up completing one row at a time before I started the second row. Once I reached the top row, the trussing aided in providing stability by holding the boxes in place. We actually ended up putting a piece of 1/2″ ply under our trussing base to the boxes could squeeze inside the structure.

We lite up the boxes with 5 Blizzard HotStiks on the floor to uplight and 8 total Blizzard RokBox’s (4 on each side) to side light. Our system is ran off of a Jands lighting console.

The boxes cost about $3 ea (160 boxes) to come is just under $500. We would have gone with square boxes to save on cost, but we are using those boxes for a Thanksgiving Compassion Outreach and it ended up working out right for us to dual purpose them.

The Blizzard RokBox’s are about $400 ea and the Blizzard HotStik’s are about $350 ea. We had these all in house for our stage / lighting sets. There are several lights that are out there that will work for this application, these are just want we happened to have for longer throws when needed.








Fractal Wall Painted and Brushed

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