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Boxed Relief

Jonathan Spallino from Cross Culture Church in Raleigh, NC brings us these box walls.

As a mobile church that moves in and out of a high school each week, it can be difficult to do great set-ups (fortunately they get to stay set up for the Summer). This design consisted of 50 whites boxes (total cost for boxes was about $250). They marked 6 inches on the tops of the boxes at every corner and then used those to make an “in and out” pattern.

They lit them with some Par 64 slims and two Wash LED lights from the sides. Also, they used 4 carpets to hide cables and to give the stage area a little more contemporary feeling.

Things to consider:
1) Build the boxes the same way.
2) Little tape goes a long way. They used a 1x2in piece of tape to tape the boxes together.
3) Start with the bottom row and work your way across. Tape side by side boxes and then back of the box to the one below and above it.
4) Mark every corner with a 6in line that way it doesn’t matter which box you use next.
5) There is a side of the box where the edges are white and smooth, that should always be the front.

Their church has about an 1 1/2 hours to 2 hours to set up in the morning and they finished it completely before the band practiced.

Design pic 1.JPG

Design pic 2.JPG

Design pic 3.JPG

design pic 4.JPG

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7 responses to “Boxed Relief”

  1. Justin says:

    Do you have a link for the lights and boxes? It is hard to tell what size boxes? I assume the 6″ mark is for the depth that you sit some of them back?

  2. Ken Armstrong says:

    Jon came up with the idea for the boxes, I came up with the idea on how to light them. First, all our lights are Chauvet’s. The ones that shine on the boxes are Slim Par 64 7 channel lightings. Someone donated them to the church, but got them from the Sam Ash music store. The wash lights are Color Palettes. The Slim Pars run about $120/light nd the Color Palette about $170/light.

    Our first week using the boxes I had initially shined the lights straight up tue boxes, the second week I pointed them diagonally which made the set look a lot better.

    We are currently using the American DJ MyDMX computer program to control the lights. Its easy to use and very transportable which works well for us since we usually have to set up and tear don every week.

  3. steven says:

    did you have to paint the boxes white, or did you order them that way?

  4. DIRELIS says:

    hi, beautiful display! Just wondering how u kept the boxes up without falling or tilting forward? Would truly appreciate it

  5. Susan says:

    Is there anyone that I could TALK to on the phone to get some specific HELP? How I would appreciate it! #HELPPLEASE

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