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Relatable Stage

Robby Crafton from Island Community Church in Memphis, TN brings us this yarn sign set.

They were having a summer sermon series called “Relate” looking at how God created us to relate and then calls us to relate to others. The backdrop started with the artwork Robby made for the series (see below). They tried to capture the same feel in the backdrop to create continuity.

They’re on a small creative budget. Their creative team tries to build all of their stage designs for around $150.

Materials used:

  • Five pieces of fiber board 4×8’\
  • Ten 2x4x8’s
  • Two 2x4x12’s
  • 600 2″ nails
  • 100′ White yarn
  • Paint: Blue and White
  • A projector to outline words for painting
  • A lot of 3″ screws for assembly

It took them three-one to two hour meetings with their creative team to shop, assemble, and paint the set. Each panel was built like a traditional stage flat. When assembled together, the set was 20′ long by 8′ high and was made up of 4 straight panels and 2 curved panels with the angle at the top.

They built the panels, projected the graphic onto the assembled set, and then painted the lettering. The Relate logo was done in string art. They projected the logo onto a board and then traced with dots, then hammered in nails. Some of their team then took yarn and looped around nails in different directions to form the logo in yarn.

Total cost: $200.











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