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Framed Up Walls

Candice McMath from Faith Christian Church in New Philadelphia, Ohio brings us this bit of frames on their back wall.

This design was created for under $200, and spans their stage (aproximately 15′ high and 45′ wide).

Since they’re on a very limited budget, they have to plan very carefully to get the maximum impact for minimum dollars. This year, their church instituted their new mission statement: “Helping people find and follow Jesus.” So the emphasis on the design was minimalist, abstract, and the words “Find” and “Follow.”

They used foam board (1/2″ x 4′ x 8′ panels) from the Home Depot, Command strips, magnetic hooks, fishing line, batting, and bubble wrap to create the panels. The letters were found at a craft store and painted white or metallic silver. They used a paint key to scratch the letters and other textures into the foam panels to give the LED lights different areas to play off, and suspended the panels at three different levels on the church wall. This added visual interest both from depth as well as the shadows cast from the overhead lights and the LED color bars on the panels. Keeping everything monochromatic and white gives them the opportunity to change the look of the sanctuary simply by changing the LED color bars. (There were 4 on the floor and one clip light with a gel on it under the screen.)

Using an iPad, Candice took a photo of the blank church stage and superimposed a grid on it, so she could sketch out the design and figure out the amount of materials needed and how it would be organized. Their team of 4 completed this installation from start to finish in under 3 days, working in the evenings after work hours.

Using spray glue on the foam panels will work, but do so lightly, as the spray glue likes to eat through the foam panels. Also, invest in a hot wire foam cutter. They used an electric carving knife, which a) is now ruined because they burned out the motor and dulled the blade and b) they are still finding tiny styrofoam balls on the church floor eight months later.

Faith Christian installation in progress

Find and Follow Grid dim light

Find and Follow Grid Faith Christian Church

Find and Follow planning

Follow sign progress

Stage design unlit.JPG

One Projection Relatable Stage

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  1. Looks great, awesome job! A possible easier way to get the scrached out effect. Once you trace your letters, take some while latex paint around the letters let dry,(or around the non letters-depending on style) may take a couple of coats. Then get some clear, or white spray paint and hit the letters. The aerosol in the paint will eat away at the foam giving a cool effect. But sit on top of the paint and not eat away. The more paint, the deeper the erosion.

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