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One Projection

Jesse Snipes from Capo Beach Church in Capistrano Beach, CA brings us this mixture of environmental projection and stage design elements.

They decided for Easter to play around with Environmental Projection. Their theme was ONE as you can see by the giant 3D letters made out of corrugated metal, clear plastic roofing, and old wood. Each of these letters were lit from the inside for warmth. But these were only one small part of the entire look.

Once they fired up the rented projectors and played around, they were amazed at the flexibility of what they could to with EP. They created masks to block out the ONE letters during certain songs. They even made their own video of lyric words rising from floor to ceiling at the apex of a song.

Visual Worshiper helped them set up the environmental projection.









photo 2-2

photo 3

photo 4-2

photo 5

Glowing Stage Front Framed Up Walls

8 responses to “One Projection”

  1. Dustin says:

    Beautiful! Great work!

  2. Rotimi Babs says:

    minimalist and classy. I love the effect of the projection mapping

  3. Camron Ware says:

    Looking great!

    We actually assisted Jesse and his team on setting up the EP; and they used it just so well that I’m excited to see this highlighted.

  4. Jesse Snipes says:

    For any of you interested in dabbling in EP, I highly suggest contacting Camron Ware. He came out for the day, set everything up, coached us on tasteful usage, but best of all, trained my team to know how to set up and run it in the future, creating more self-sustaining creatives. Thanks Camron!

  5. Vaughn VanSkiver says:

    Love it! How did the congregation react to the EP?

  6. Salvador Eguiarte says:

    Hi, everybody. What is EP and where can I fin more info about it?

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