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Boxes and ‘Brellas

Matt Carroll from Gadsden Christian Fellowship in Gadsden, AL brings us these umbrellas and boxes.

They used spandex cubes that were built 2’x2’x14′ for the upright columns and used LED pars to uplight. For the center they used a 12ft spandex cube that was also 2’x2′ for the bottom. The top two were 10ft lengths. In the center cube they took fishing line and ran from end to the other on each row. Then in selected boxes they took 100ct Christmas lights and rolled them into a ball and hung them with fishing line in the center of the cube. From the ceiling they took white umbrellas and hung them upside down. They used LED pars to light them. Then behind the center cubes they hung aluminum screen material that was wrinkled.

In the Fields Tall Ball Wall

3 responses to “Boxes and ‘Brellas”

  1. Jason Simpkins says:

    first just want to say great job on the stage, very innovative. You did a whole lot with what seems to be little cost. We have similar light boxes on our stage but was wanting to do an upgrade because it has been over a year. I saw your pictures and really like the feel. we shouldnt have to do much to get a similar look. thanks for posting this and sharing your creativity to help others. Atmosphere matters and yours is an A.

  2. Devon says:

    Can you by chance send me specifics on the construction of the cubes?

  3. emil francis says:

    Is there way I can get d prosedure of how to make or contruct it.tanx u sir

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