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Aaron Fessler from Fairhaven Church in Centerville, OH brings us this design inspired by Todd Otte’s Shattered Glass. The triangles were made from 4×8 sheets of MDF plywood, mounted to an upright truss and lit with both LED and conventional gobo fixtures. Simple and awesome!

Calendar Makes Me Wanna Screen

7 responses to “Breaking News”

  1. Joshua says:

    AMAZING!!!! I love this!

  2. jimmy says:

    kinda of a random question but what lights are you using that go straight up against the walls without spreading?

  3. Andrew F says:

    The four light fixtures that are shining up on the backwall are HE colorcommands.

    They are a little underpowered, but work pretty good for the look we are trying to accomplish. I wanted to add some depth and contrast between the screens.

  4. Gerson says:

    How do you make the circle screen and what do you need from a projctor for the image to be circular. Thanks

  5. Andrew F says:

    It is a 12' circular screen we special ordered for our circular truss.

    We set a mask in ProPresenter to mask the image to match the circle and had the art department create special artwork for it. We do not project any IMAG content to it.

  6. carolyn says:

    love it…. in fact i’m in the process of assembling it now. and i have a question. what did you do to attach the mdf to the truss?

  7. Angelica says:

    I can’t figure out how to set a mask in pro presenter that is not square. How did you do that in pro presenter?

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