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Makes Me Wanna Screen

Grace Church in Granger, IN had an older, more traditional style sanctuary. Collin Stoddard wanted an easier-to-control environment, so he created this look.

He created five 8’x16′ panels were created using muslin stretched over a wood frame. He painted them white to decrease their translucency, then blocked out the windows, and painted the back wall white. To light the set he used some Source 4 stage lights and Rosco iPro image projectors to project on the panels. The panels cost less then $50 a piece to build. The lights and iPros were the biggest expense. Check out a before pic below.

Inspiration from Joe Blair at Fellowship Nashville who uses a similar setup.

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3 responses to “Makes Me Wanna Screen”

  1. Josh Wierenga says:

    I love this design. I just moved to California as a worship pastor and inherited a very difficult space. This design is simple, versatile, and since we rent a facility with storage, it’s actually do-able for me. I’d going to work on making this general idea happen for our community but would love to be able to bounce questions off someone involved with the original project. Thanks!

    Grace and Peace,
    Josh Wierenga

    • Collin Stoddard says:

      Hey Josh, sorry it’s taken so long for me to see your comment. I designed and built the idea, I’d be happy to chat about any ideas you might have!! Thanks for looking!

  2. Jake Redmond says:

    What kind of paint did you use on the muslin?

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