Special Event Design

Brightly Looming

Ryan Sharp from Evergreen Christian Community in Olympia, WA brings us this design inspired by Patterns in the Yarn.

To create this design they first built a 16′ x 9′ free standing wall and placed it in the center of their stage under the screen. To create the typography they painted the wall black and shot the font used to create the series graphic onto it with a projector. They traced the lettering and drilled a ton of screws into the wall following the tracing. They outlined the font with white yarn and used colored yarn for the inside of the font to fill it up.

They created the side shapes out of wood and drilled screws into the border. They created the designs inside of the frames using colored yarn.

The concept of the design was to show a very clean and beautiful font messed up on the inside – reflecting our lives.

In all they spent $350 on this design for their 9-week series







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