Christmas Designs

Dotted Christmas

Greg Coverdale from Two Rivers Church in New Bern, North Carolina brings us these Christmas dots.

For the main sign they used 1/2″ blue foam board to cut out the letters and then painted them.

The material they attached the letters to was a thin blue foam insulation board (it folds nicely at 24″x48″ panels) and then built the framing out of 1×2 firing strips and painted the foam board white and the framing black. The foam was then stapled to the framing. They cut LOVE out of the thin foam board for the different effect. Each sign was 3×18 feet.

They used tension wire and eye hooks to fly the Christmas Means Love sign.

For the dots they used hula hoops and covered them in metallic blue, white, and silver material. Greg stole the hoops idea from the Ornaments staging by Briarlake Church Christmas staging on CSDI.

They built the screens out of 2×2’s and rear projection screen material.

All lighting was done with thin Par 64 LED’s.

Christmas stage 2

Christmas stage 3

Christmas stage purple

Christmas stage sign


Brightly Looming Fuel and Fire

3 responses to “Dotted Christmas”

  1. Chad Brewer says:

    Looks good Greg! Well, done.

  2. Jena Cumming says:

    GREG!!! Nice look!

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