Christmas Designs

Bucket Branches

Sarah Tornquist from Evangel Church in Scotch Plains, New Jersey brings us these highly portable Christmas elements.

They have a small platform so they needed something low budget and impacting.

The trees were about 5-6 ft tall and placed in black 5 gallon paint buckets. They spray painted the trees a light sparkly silver and filled the buckets with salt rock and big stones. (You could also fill it with plaster of paris or cement if you wanted.) Since they picked up the trees after Hurricane Irene hit, the total cost was about $40 for spray paint and salt rock. They already had the buckets, stones, and lights.

They hung small battery operated tea lights on each tree and hung light bulbs from the ceiling that they controlled from the tech booth. The trees were lighted with LED’s that they placed at the bottom so they had multiple colors to choose from. They paired it with a bench and a lamp post that they had in storage to create a Narnia look for a short drama.

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One response to “Bucket Branches”

  1. Michael Lamb says:

    I really like the use of low cost, and readily available materials to convey the atmosphere of this stage setting. This is similar to what our church is working on in our early planning stages. We are looking to upgrade our lighting system, and this web sight has given us great ideas.
    Thank you

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