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Candace Shropshire from Fellowship Church at Granite Bay in Granite Bay, CA brings us this faux scenery on their stage.

For their 40 Days of Health series they went for a biking theme…mountain and street.

They used yellow tape on the stage to create a “road”. Then they used fake Christmas trees left over from Christmas to create a forest and waterfall falling into their baptismal. For clouds they reused aluminum screening from their Christmas series and bunched them up. Then they hung them from the rafters with fishing line and shot them with blue gelled Par 64 cans.

The sun was a piece of foam board that was painted yellow and orange to resemble a sun. Then they lit it with yellow Par 64 cans and three yellow Par 64 cans shooting away from the sun to create “rays”. They also shot the trees with green Par 64 cans to brighten up the forest area and give the effect of the sun shining through them.

Party Hats Bucket Branches

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  1. Ryan says:

    What did you make the clouds with?

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