Special Event Design


Aidan Ashby for the Jesus Army in the UK brings us this elaborate event and its stage design.

Their key idea for the event was the building blocks that make up their church. To create the look they used truss uprights as a framework and scaffold towers in front with a Youngman board spanning these.

They had a bunch of square and rectangle frames covered in white material that they used for previous designs. They modified a few to create the triangles at the top of the house structure. They built this structure during the event to add some interest to the stage. Once it was put together they front-projected onto it some motion graphics.

They decided to use a painted cardboard sleeve to put over the steps on the sides. They printed words on them to represent the elements of the church.

Lights Used

6 x ADJ Vizibeam 5R
8 x Martin Mac 101’s
4 x Showtec Arcbar3
6 x Showtec Sunstrips
4 Cell Cycs and Par64’s for washing the stage and audience
2 x Clay Paky Stage Zooms
2 x Clay Paky Stage Scans

These were all controlled by an Avolites Pearl Expert and the generics powered from Art2000 T4 dimmer rack.

Video Equipment Used

2 x Christie LX605 projectors for IMAG (rebadged Sanyo XM150L)
2 x 12ft x 9ft Fastfold screens
Sony Z5 and PD150 cameras
1 x Sanyo XM150L projector for the panel projections.
Blackmagic ATEM 1ME Broadcast Panel and Production Switcher
Custom built computer with Resolume Avenue

Check out a length writeup on the event.

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