Christmas Designs

Tree Links

Matt Ludik at Grace Family Church in Durban, South Africa brings us this fun, giant Christmas tree made from links of paper.

Their Christmas set was inspired partially by Willow Creek’s “God with Us” christmas service from 2009 and partially by the “Advent Conspiracy” initiative.

The concept was to work with paper crafts as much as possible. They also found it was a great opportunity to use a bunch of volunteers from the congregation.

The tree was made up of thousands of sheets of A4 (letter) paper, cut into strips, and the stapled into loops and joined into chains. They built a large frame out of PVC pipe, and hot-glued the chains on.

They also put light-bulbs into paper lanterns, and hung them around the tree.

Apart from the paper, there wasn’t much cost attached to this set design – but tons of man hours.

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