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Throwback: Bulb Boxes

Austin Fox-Welter from Granger Community Church in Granger, IN brings us this light bulby design. (Originally posted November 2012)

At Granger, they’ve changed up how they do their set design. They’ve started focusing on creating a “wow” moment that could last for 3 months.

For this set they wanted to create a unique platform look that would give symmetry to the stage. So they used some old platforms they had and built some new ones as well. They already had four 4′x8′ platforms so they built two more 4′x8′ and two 4′x10′ for the drum platform.

Rather than use pre-made pallets, they made their own. A “normal” palette is 4′x4′, so they used 1′x4′ wooden slats and drilled holes in them to hold the light sockets. They stretched those slats across three 2′x4′s and stapled them in to create the palette look.

Then they painted using a basic matte black on the platforms and a dark stain on the palettes to bring out the worn characteristics in the wood and create an antique industrial type look.

After the stain dried, they installed bulbs and cabling for the lights. They used 60w G25 globe bulbs on the palettes and hung more from the catwalk.

After the construction was done, they placed movers around the platforms. They also attached six ADJ mega tri bars to the front of the platforms.

Check out the GCC Creative Blog for more details and pics.

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4 responses to “Throwback: Bulb Boxes”

  1. Devon says:

    Where did you purchase the hanging light sockets from?

  2. Mike Fowler says:

    Love this design! How did you get the bulbs to the dimmer packs?

  3. Nora says:

    I used to go there for a while during college! They used to have projectors behind the whole large area with the bulbs at that time.

  4. Perez says:

    What projectors are you using?

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