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X’s and Chandeliers

Tonita Slone from Celebration Church in Akron, OH brings us this white flagging tape design.

From Tonita: I had the idea to use some left over flag tape from Christmas Trees inspired by Christmas Bubble Cages.

The budget would be less than $20, if you had to buy everything.

We had hooks on the ceiling from other designs, so we reused them. I measured and cut black chain the distance between the hooks. We taped lengths of White Flagging Tape to the chains and hung from the ceiling. We then crisscrossed them and attached to hooks on the floor. We found that it worked best to arrange them, staple them and tied to a carabiner, then attached to a hook on the floor. Light it up and you’re done.

The budget was less than $20.

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2 responses to “X’s and Chandeliers”

  1. Jon says:

    Roughly how much tape did you need for something like that?

  2. Tonita Slone says:

    I believe that we went through about three rolls.

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