Stage Designs

Throwback: That Old Rugged Cross

Laura Blechle from South Telegraph Christian Church in St. Louis, MO brings us this rugged, aluminum screening cross. (Originally posted May 2012)

Inspired by Wrinkles in Time they created this backdrop using crumpled window screening backed by landscape fabric. Where there were seems, they hand-stitched the screening material with monofilament. Then they lit it from the bottom with color dashes plus a couple par 64s.

For their next sermon series, they added three homemade baptisteries. Inspired by Homemade Baptisms, they bought three water storage tanks from a local farm supply store and, using a simple jigsaw, cut off the tops. They added a submersible pump to each tank to create movement in the water and also to drain the tanks (fitted to receive a standard garden hose). Each tank was lit from the back with two par 64 lights.

Then came Easter and they wanted to add a cross to the stage. They added a stretch scrim to the front of the truss work and constructed a cross using more of the window screen. The cross was constructed of 1×12’s for the back and 1x4s turned on their sides to create a box. Then they crumpled their screening and stapled it inside the cross.

Inside Upside X's and Chandeliers