Christmas Designs

Christmas Bubble Cages

Duane Loux from Grace Community Church in Fort Smith, Arkansas brings us their 2013 Christmas stage design.

Their budget was $50 for flagging tape which is cheap. Everything else was reused.

The 2 outside trees used a wider 2″ wide tape. The other smaller trees used the standard size. Other than that, they used various sized white paper lanterns, fishing line and pvc pipe.

To achieve the bottom curve of the trees, they took PVC pipe and curved it into a half circle and screwed it to the platform. Then from there, they tied the flagging tape to it in predetermined spacing. The large 20′ trees where attached to the structure at the top. The smaller trees had a 2×2 in the center attached to the floor and painted black so it disappeared.

The paper lanterns were placed inside using fishing line.

The trees were up lit by LEDs on both the outside and also inside so they could play around with colors inside being different than the outside. This design took 8 volunteers about 4 hours to complete in one afternoon.






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