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Amber Schultze from Prairie Heights Community Church in Fargo, North Dakota brings us this

The ‘We. Will. Build’ series focused on their rapidly growing church’s need to build a permanent church. There were 2 main components to this design: the lobby displays and the stage set.

The stage set was a slat wall design inspired from a variety of sets seen on this site. 4×8′ sheets of luan plywood were ripped down into 5″ pieces and then cut down to length accordingly. These were nailed to framework made from 2×2″ wood. 1″ space was left open between each board. Each panel was freestanding with an easel-like frame that popped out from the back. Most boards were stained natural, and some were painted for a pop of color. The words were projected and painted onto each panel. This whole set was approximately $150.

The lobby display “houses” needed to be stored away in a trailer each week, so they were designed to come apart in six pieces. The floor was created from plywood with (2)2×4″s running on each edge for the walls to slip into. The wall was made from 6’x1x6″ boards nailed tightly together with a 2×4 on the bottom to slip into the base. The A-frame top was three pieces created from 2x2s; matching end “A” pieces, and a hinged middle that popped into place to add stability. The series logo was projected and painted on the outside walls. Each house cost about $150.







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