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Vegas Letter

Zach Lee from Woodland Heights Baptist Church in Harrison, AR brings us these homemade Vegas-ey letters.

Zach repurposed this letter from a Dollar General sign. He drilled it with a 1/2″ bit and inserted Christmas bulbs into the sign. He put them on a dimmer that he bought from Home Depot for $12 to he could control the brightness.




We Will Build Simple Lights for Christmas

3 responses to “Vegas Letter”

  1. sharon distefano says:

    great look. Where did you get the letters forms? or did you make them as well

  2. Zach says:

    I found the letters at a second hand store. They came off and old dollar general. There are many sign companys that can fabricate these out of thin metal

  3. Andy Neal says:

    Where do you find the strand of round lights that screw in on length of strand with multiple lights? We are wanting some of those to give a cisu element to a kingdom building goal for next year

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