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Bulbed Chandeliers

Frankie Lopez, Phil Massine, and Emily Dotson from Victory Worship Center in Tucson, AZ brings us these cool chandeliers for their stage.

They decided to go for a more organic feel than normal. So they made customs standing lights with picnic buckets and made their own chandeliers using Edison bulbs.

For the chandeliers, they had a 10’ diameter circle welded with tube steel and 8 spokes inside to hang lamp socket cables from them. They purchased 4 styles of antique style light bulbs to put in each socket and they staggered the bulbs at varying heights.

Phil was looking to re-create an old style theatrical light. For those, they purchased 5 gallon and 15 gallon galvanized steel tubs. They painted them with a reflective paint on the inside and installed brass lamp sockets in them with lighting parts they got at a local hardware store. They made adjustable stands with yoke mounts and attached them to the light. Others they put yoke mounts on and hung them with all-thread from the lighting grid.

Hanging LED Dotted and Risen

One response to “Bulbed Chandeliers”

  1. Jerod Terry says:

    Love these chandeliers! I’m curious as to what you guys used for the lamp socket cables on the chandeliers? Can you explain each part of this?… the socket, the cable that runs up to the spokes, the wiring? We would love to recreate this but are coming up on some struggle to determine material and process. Thanks for your help!!

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