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Pedro Fonseca from Amistad de Monterrey in Mexico brings us this promising use of Coroplast (they actually used Trovicel).

This is a great way to add a more 3-d element to a very 2-d material. Imagine a bigger bend or a gap between the two stacked pieces.

They created 10 cubed towers on the sides, 4 double stacked towers, and one panel in the center. Then they lit them with LEF lights.

Materials: Trovicel (PVC foams)
Cost: Around 5,000 pesos ($430)

Spacely Sprockets Most Popular – July 2012

One response to “Reaching”

  1. Hector Montoy says:

    DTB! Es fazil de travajar con el Coroplast?
    (Just in case) Is it easy to work with Coroplast?

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