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Stephen Morton from Faith Renewed Outreach Center in Mauldin, South Carolina brings us this stage design from their youth center.

To create this look, they bought white plastic corrugated roof panels at Lowes ($21/each). Then they cut the panels into 2′ x 2′ squares and attached them to the back wall of the stage area. They bought track lighting from Lowe’s and installed red Par 38 flood lamps. They used three tracks–one out front and two on the white panels.

They also added two sections of black lights on either side of the stage. They finished the look with a hazer from The whole look cost: ~$600.

Flatland The Shapes of Coroplast

7 responses to “Bumps”

  1. Robby Rich says:

    Hey I love this design for the stage. We are going to be redoing the youth room at our church and I really like this. The panels on the wall are they metal or plastic? Thanks so much. God Bless

  2. Steven says:

    love it! simple and clean

  3. Stephen Morton says:

    Hey, sorry for the delay… The panels are plastic roofing panels. We cut them with scissors actually. Very simple and inexpensive.

    Pastor Stephen

  4. evelyn says:

    This is nice. Please how did u attach the roofing sheets to the wall and what other lighting can u use if u want it to change colours.

  5. Hi Pastor Stephen! Can you please share how you attached the roofing sheets to the wall?

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