Stage Designs

The Shapes of Coroplast

Derek Miller from FBC Murray in Murray, Kentucky brings us this design using everyone’s favorite material–Coroplast (or corrugated plastic).

To create this design he started with 6 sheets of 4×8 foot Natural Coroplast and cut them into 2×8 sections. With black gaffers tape, he took all 12 pieces and made 3 towers of 4 sheets taped together.

Then he added 4×8 sheets of Coroplast behind the towers by wedging them between the wall and the hand rails on the choir risers. In the front, on either side of the stage, he took one sheet of 4×8 coroplast, cut it in half and scored those halves at their half point. He then folded them and placed them at the inside corners of their piano and organ alcoves.

Since he was using natural, or clear, Coroplast, all of the pieces were lit from behind.

He used two LED bars for each tower. He used 3 LED Par36s for each alcove tower and one LED bar for each sheet in the back. He used the DMXIS interface and software to program presets.

Bumps Stars and Stripes