Kids/Youth Designs

Bus and Headlights

CJ Walters from Revive in Williamstown, KY brings us this back to school design.

This design was built for a sermon series based on kids going back to school. They built this for the weeks leading up to the kids in their county returning to school.

Budget for this set was $50 and they came in at $40 and some change. The money was spent on paint, paint accessories and colored duct tape.

They went with a classroom feel and were able to get most of the props they used from teachers in their church. In fact, several of them helped them decorate this set by putting up borders, etc.

This was a very simple build. They basically added a desk and some bookshelves. They hung an old chalkboard they had received months ago and were waiting to use. Student desks were added to the front of the stage to give it a little more classroom feel.

The big wow factor for this set was their focal point- the school bus. They had the idea to make a flatnose school bus using their drum cage, however after a phone call to their local bus garage, they found a front end and some other accessories. So of course they had to use them. These were borrowed and returned after the build.

They painted the outside of the drum cage yellow and added some drywall panels to make their bus window (drum shield) smaller and look more like a bus. The front end was jacked up and blocked. They placed tires under the front end and added a bumper they found at the bus garage. They used some old shop lights as headlights and plugged them in, so they would be on all the time.

For fun, they added pictures of random people in their church to the bus windows… This was good for a few laughs.

This was done in a day and a half and most of that time was spent waiting for paint to dry.










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