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Cage Fighting

Samantha Kondratowicz from Coastal Community Church in Coconut Creek, Florida brings us this stage design fit for a good ol’ fashion cage fight.

They built this set for their series called “Man vs. Wife” dealing with the fact that we have to fight for our relationships.

To create this set they created two towers of chain link fence by cutting sheets into two strips. Behind those strips of chain link they hung a strip of weed block that they dripped white paint on to create a design that reflected the light. Then they draped red fabric across and down the light structures. The shined LEDs up the towers to get the the textured look.

The center cage was built using existing platforms they had and by drilling holes into them to accomodate the four steal poles. Then they wrapped chain link fence around it. They secured the fence on the cafe with zip ties to allow them to easily break down the set each week. (They’re a portable church meeting in a high school auditorium).

They used LED strip lights to light the hanging design on either side of the screen and also to back light their band. They used LED can lights to shine on the ceiling to bridge the gap between the stage and the audience. This entire set cost them about $125. (They had the fabric and paint from previous sets.)

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5 responses to “Cage Fighting”

  1. Ryan Spencer says:

    Very cool look with all the color. I don’t quite get the the point of the center cage though.

  2. Jeff Lyon says:

    Like the idea of the chain link for texture!

    Also would love to have the Bokeh Light Bundle!

  3. TJ McCormick says:

    The reason for the cage in the middle of the stage is the idea that you can fight in your marriage or for it. So we are using an MMA theme with your marriage being like a cage fight.

  4. Ryan Vernon says:

    What size is your screen and where did you purchase it? Cost? Looks incredible! Awesome job.

    • TJ McCormick says:

      It is a 17×10 dalite fast fold screen. It was donated to us 2 years ago by my old church, that bought it a year earlier from projector people. I think it cost between 3-4,000. It is a great screen but what really makes it is our Panasonic 6300U with a long throw lens. Thanks for the encouragement. We try to do our best with our portable environment.

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