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Giveaway! Motion Graphic Bundles

The fine folks at Church Motion Graphics are giving three motion graphic bundles to you, the fine readers of CSDI. They’re giving away three bundles, and you get to pick the one you want to win!

How do you enter? Simple! Pick a bundle (from here), then leave a comment on this post telling us which bundle you want!

As an added bonus, CMG is giving 15% off to all CSDI readers. Simply use the promo code below when you checkout!

So check out their library of motion graphics bundles and leave your comment on this post. Be sure to do it before October 10th at 12:01PM CST!

I’ll pick three winners at random and email you your prize!

Promo Code: 286E3W66 – Expires 10/31/11

I Love the 80's Cage Fighting

91 responses to “Giveaway! Motion Graphic Bundles”

  1. Ryan Roach says:

    Light play!

  2. Jon says:

    True worship please!

  3. Josh says:

    bokeh light

  4. Louis Zinc says:

    True Worship Bundle. An awesome tool to have!!

  5. Bart Lindsey says:

    True Worship Bundle!

  6. Kevin says:

    Light And Shine Bundle

  7. JustinLucas says:

    Bokeh Light please!!!!!!

  8. Micah Simoneaux says:

    Wow what a great give away!
    Light play!

  9. Glen Belcher says:

    Light play! Awesome!

  10. Amanda Lemos says:

    Light and shine bundle, its awesome!

  11. Richie Allen says:

    True worship it is! #pleaseandthankyou

  12. Ryan says:

    Bokeh Light Bundle

  13. David says:

    True worship bundle

  14. Jon Meester says:

    Light play!

  15. Erick Rodriguez says:

    Get Engaged Bundle!!

  16. Daniel says:

    Light Play!

  17. Donny Lenington says:

    They all look great! I would like to win Bokeh Light!

  18. I love all of them. But if I could only pick one, maybe the Light Play Bundle.

  19. Justin says:

    Get Engaged Bundle, please? This would be a HUGE help!

  20. Joel says:

    True Worship bundle

  21. Ish says:

    True Worship bundle please!

  22. Justin says:

    Light & Shine TW Bundle please. Thanks!

  23. Aaron Springer says:

    I’m gonna have to go with the Light & Shine Bundle as well…

  24. Joshua Riggs says:

    The one I’d use most is “Light Play Bundle”

  25. Tyler Herron says:

    I’m gonna go with the Bokeh Bundle

  26. Tim Sherwood says:

    True worship looks good

  27. Jared says:

    true worship bundle

  28. Gil Gomez says:

    I’d like the “Get Engaged” bundle.

  29. Scott Petherbridge says:

    True Worship Bundle please.

  30. Jeff Poole says:

    Since I will win you can send me Light & Shine TW bundle :)

  31. John Talley says:

    true worship for sure !

  32. Van Metschke says:

    True Worship Bundle would be awesome!

  33. Paul Willis says:

    Bokeh Light Bundle – Generations Church would love!

  34. The Bokeh Light bundle would be great addition to our collection.


  35. Nick says:

    I like the Bokeh Light bundle. We were just planning a youth worship night and this fits perfectly!

  36. Ken says:

    True Worship Bundle would really help our Yoth Group get involved in worship!!!

  37. Chris Fluitt says:

    Get Engaged please! Nice work church motion graphics. I have bookmarked you.

  38. Micah says:

    Bokeh looks sweet! Pick me!!

  39. jeremy sharp says:

    Bokah!!!! pick it sirs…

  40. jeremy sharp says:


  41. Nolan Banks says:

    Any of the above!

  42. CMG light and Shine bundle! In Jesus name!

  43. Luke Howard says:

    True Worship Bundle!! This would be a great BDAY present!

  44. thechalkie says:

    True Worship Bundle

  45. Rob Warren says:

    Particles Bundle 2

  46. Duane Dodge says:

    Slow fusion. Looks awesome.

  47. KHuber says:

    They are all pretty cool. Light Play Bundle would be the one I would choose. Thanks!

  48. Kyle Belden says:

    Get Engaged! They all look great!

  49. Allon Loven says:

    CMG Light and Shine! that looks awesome. i would love to see the double and triple wide stuff.

  50. true worship!!!!!! it looks great!

  51. Nike says:

    True Worship bundle please. It’s beautiful!

  52. bpinks says:

    They all look great- thanks for introducing us to this resource. I would choose the Light and Shine bundle. Thanks for the giveaway!

  53. Erick Rodriguez says:

    Get Ready Bundle! Come on!!

  54. Frank Tan says:

    True Worship bundle

  55. matt strom says:

    light play

  56. Kevin Beers says:

    True Worship Bundle please!

  57. Matthew says:

    True Worship is a fan favorite! I will go with the popular vote.


  58. Joel Martin says:

    True Worship

  59. Slow Fusion, Please! For the people of Westwind Church!

  60. Dan H says:

    Light play! :)

  61. Danielle says:

    true worship

  62. Brooklynn Gaswint says:

    The Harvest SPD Interns want:

    Thanks for ya’ll for being generous :)

  63. Jon McKInley says:

    Light Play!

  64. Andrew Brooks says:

    Light Play!

    i like it.

  65. Light Play looks real nice. Yes it does !Thank you!

  66. Ed Donlon says:

    True Worship Bundle please

  67. Kevin Cortez says:

    Our church would definitely benefit from the Particles Bundle 1! Thank you so much, God Bless.

  68. Sawyer says:

    Light and Shine!

  69. josh vigil says:

    Bokeh Light Bundle

  70. Brandon Headley says:

    Bokeh Light

  71. TJ McCormick says:

    Light Play Bundle looks amazing and we would love to have it.

  72. Theresa Britt says:

    We have just planted a new church and don’t have anything. We would love whatever you would like to give. Thank you.

  73. Brittany says:

    BOKEH LIGHT!!!! Muchas Gracias!

  74. bethany says:

    Light and shine TW bundle

  75. TheRVK says:

    Summer tw, awesome backgrounds and sizes

  76. Kary Hooper says:

    As a New Start Up Church, we would be blessed with any of these Awesome backgrounds that CMG has created. We will be purchasing TRUE WORSHIP if we are not one of the three. To God ALL The Glory!

  77. Gabriel Guevara says:

    Light Play!… I would love to have it!

  78. Keith Isley says:

    We’re a brand new church plant planning to start Sunday services in November. This would be an incredible help to us. I’m a fan of the True Worship bundle.

    Thanks for your consideration!

    – Keith

  79. Seth says:

    AHHhhhh… Light Play #fingerscrossed

  80. Nick Ross says:

    Light Play! Love the site guys! Keep it up.

  81. Bobby Scott says:

    Particle bundles 2

  82. Josh Buchfink says:

    True Worship Bundle! Fingers crossed…

  83. scott says:

    Bokeh light bundle for sure!

  84. Josh says:

    Bokeh light!!!!