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I Love the 80’s

Kelly Little from Vertical Church in Lumberton, NC brings us this totally 80’s design.

Their church meets in a movie theater so they needed a portable stage design.

So they created this set that could be changed each week for their series.

The middle section was made out of 6in wide, 10ft long PVC pipe cut into 3 inch sections ($250). The pieces were then zip tied together through holes drilled in each piece. The colors were circles cut out of paper. It was stabilized with piping stands that they use on a regular basis.

The side sheets were simple queen-size sheets painted and stretched on piping.

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2 responses to “I Love the 80’s”

  1. Mitchell Cain says:

    This was an AWESOME stage design by Kelly.

  2. Carole Allen says:

    Nice job! Congratulations!

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