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Caged Light

Nate Rosso from Decibel Church in Beaufort, SC brings us this great design for portability.
Decibel Church rents out a high school on Sundays, so everything they do has to be pack-able and easy to setup every Sunday. This design was for their “But GOD” series.

The main components to this design were black plastic hexagon poultry fence and white smart fabric.

The drapes on the sides of the stage were 16′ long/4′ wide. The fence and the fabric attached to a 2×4 at the top that Nate painted black. On the top of the 2×4’s were two 2″ hooks that hung on the truss. Arrows symbolized different paths we’re on and were stenciled on the fabric with different colored spray paint. The white arrows were painted with “glow in the dark” white spray paint. The letters on the outside of the fence are made from foam board, were spray painted with a hexagon fence look, and were secured with velcro to the fencing. Both drapes were lit with one LED bar. The letters could be removed and drapes roll up.

The 4 tubes were the 2 materials rolled into a tub and zip tied in the back to hold it together. Tubes used velcro to hold to light. Each were lit with an LED bar from the back.

Nate’s budget was $150 and this came in under that. The fence costed the most.










Crispmas Front and Back

22 responses to “Caged Light”

  1. Donny says:

    where did you find your smart fabric? and how large were the rolls?

    • nate says:

      On ebay was the best deal at the time, the rolls were 48″ wide by 40′ long for $18.02

      • Adedayo Ajayi says:

        Hi Nate,

        I will like to get in contact with you. If you can drop me your email or contact number that would be great.
        Am in the Tech/Media team for my church. Am trying to bring in some lightning effect during our Sunday worship that would not cost us too much.
        My email is:

  2. Angela Walker says:

    Nate – this is terrific! Thank you for providing some inspiration. Our church does an outdoor Drive-Thru Nativity every other year, and this is the year. We need to replace some signs we’ve had for years, and I think this fabric is going to be just what we need. And its cost is so low – makes it something that could be used for lots of applications.

    I appreciate your work!

  3. Mark says:

    What brand/type of light bar did you use to illuminate the vertical tubes?

    • Nate says:

      I used the same as the floors which are Chauvet Colorband Pixs. But what I did was I took the optic lens out of the fixture and cut a white fluorescent diffuser lens to fit in it, this makes this fixture not harsh on the eyes and very versatile. I actually run 6 normally at 65% brightness (100% is a mild blinder effect) on stands behind the band this way facing the audience, with each light having 36 channels there are a lot of different things you can do with them.

  4. Ginosko says:

    Well done NATE. Whats the total cost of this set up?

  5. dave says:

    what are the lights you use for your typical setup? what type of lights are the two on the floor on both sides of the stage?

    • Nate says:


      Typical setup is 6 Elation Pro Platinum Spots (only things i don’t like in them is the just have a color wheel, other than that they are amazing). We also have 10 chauvet colorband pix bars, these are very versatile, you can pixel map them or beam color where you want it. Typically we run 5 on stands we built below the screens . On this setup 4 were on stands, 2 were used to beam color up the drapes and 4 were used above screens.

  6. Keno says:

    Pls wats d name of d soft fabric used in your stage deco?

  7. Olu says:

    Please can you give me the link to where you bought the white fluorescent diffuser lens.

  8. Joseph G.A Osei says:

    How can I start hiring stage light

  9. would the rolls work well with a par led inside them??

  10. Leon David says:

    Hi – Can you give me any information on how you’re hanging your setup as we’re unable to hang trusses from the ceiling. I believe you mentioned above that you built stands. Can you detail that a bit. Thanks so much! I’m finding it hard to hang lights and other designs without getting trusses involved.

    • naterosso says:

      Leon, I actually did hang the large banners from the truss. But it would be easy enough to hang it from any point on a ceiling, just need 2 points. The tube lights I have a led bar light behind it, now that I built a 12×12 base, with a 2×4 that slides into it up right to hold the led bar, I made it this way to be compact. Let me know what you have to work with, I’ll help you out, message me at

  11. Rob says:

    Hi Nate this looks great, especially since it’s so portable. Do you mind if I ask which light controller you use? Thanks!

    • Nate says:


      We use Avolites Titan Mobile, with a laptop. I personally think its the best option out there for portability and the customer support is amazing!

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